Better Life Now- Is It Possible?

Mental Toughness

I think the biggest way to have a better life for yourself is that you have to make it up in your mind that at all cost you will have a better life. Sounds to simple right? No, it will not come easy, but it will be worth it. The most damaging and disservice to ourselves that we can allow is to give up before we arrive to the better life. You must make it up in your mind that you want this, and nothing will stop you. Serve the highest energy of Your Soul.

Many times I think of the body builders and the process of their journey to get those big toned ripped muscles or that massive body that they have been able to develop. Sure it was a lot of denying how they felt, it was a lot of perseverance but first they had to make up in their minds this is what they wanted, and then go all out to achieve it. Come hell or high water when you want something nothing should be able to take you off your path. They put in blood, sweat and tears to build their bodies. They sacrificed their time and good tasting, high cholesterol filled food because their sight was on something more magnificent.   

Do you really want a better life? We may  think it would be easier for it  just to happen overnight, but it doesn’t work like that. A lot of times you will have to lose to win. It may feel that all odds are against you at times and you can’t see your way through it , out of it or around it. There have been times that nothing seemed to be going right in my life but I etched in my mind that I will live my dreams. I spoke that over and over. Through my pains, tears, let down after let down, loss after loss I pushed myself on. Sheer determination and being relentless to accept nothing less than the best and getting back up requires you to be mentally tough. You become mentally tough by refusing to stay down in defeat.

It looked like I was losing but in fact I was winning because it was through the tears, storms, devastation that I was becoming stronger and stronger. I was rising up into a better version of me. I was becoming the person I didn’t realize I was. A warrior that would fight for My Highest Good. I was standing up for what I believed for myself and for others whom lives I know that I am meant to touch. Although It may have looked like everything was a loss, it was in all actuality a Win.

Overcoming Obstacles

Yes, in order to have your better life now! You must overcome obstacles. Let’s break that down. Overcome means to be victorious, it means to defeat, succeed, outwit, prevail or achieve the desired outcome or result in the face the giant, whatever your particular giant may be.  Obstacles can be anything that tries to keep you from moving in a forward direction, or the path that will allow you to  experience something more astronomical than the status quo and living that better life that belongs to you.

Obstacles can be negative and defeating thoughts, our past  experiences or mistakes, family members, losses, bad times, failed relationships, financial hardships and anything that happens outside of your control. So how do we deal with things outside of our control?

First there is a famous quote that says: Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know there is Something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle. You’ve always had the power within but, you must believe that, refine and develop that power you have.    (picture of  man pushing big mountain)  Since  you can’t control those things you cant do anything about or change the past once it has happened, you must embrace the fact that this is what’s going on. You can let it destroy you or build you into a better version of you hence a Better Life.

Next begin to write down what is the best possible outcome that can happen from this. Be okay with feeling your emotions and discuss them in a safe place. Allow yourself time to heal, cut yourself some slack. If you’ve had one thing after another causing you turmoil, learn to do self-care.

You are braver that you believe, stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think.

No Regrets- Live Your Life

At the end of life many people say they wish they would have paid more attention to what they really wanted to do and not worry about the opinions of others. They wished they would have lived life true to themselves and not what others expected of them.

So what is a  Better Life for you. It is your responsibility to live in a phenomenal way even when there are obstacles. Obstacles can be challenging and disruptive, but find a way to get pass it and live your life in such a grand way that you will truly feel no regrets.

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