Protect Yourself To Protect Who You Are To Become

DIAMOND EMERALDHow Valuable Are You? 

How much value does what you want out of life mean to you? When you realize how valuable it will be to make a better life for yourself, and how important it is, you will come to the conclusion that you must protect yourself to protect who you are to become. Protect yourself to experience life in a grand way. 

When something is valuable or of great worth, something else or someone else will try to steal the thing that’s valuable. So you must be vigilant in protecting your value as a person. Protect your time and your environment from things that will be counter-productive to what you want to achieve in your life.

There will always be time stealers or dream killers. That’s why it will be so important for you to be fully aware of distractions. When you have something that you are working towards, different things will pop up in your life to distract you, or deter you from what you’re working towards. Distractions come in all forms. Some distractions are innocent they don’t mean any harm, but some have an agenda to destroy your dreams.

You may have people who because they haven’t stayed focused on their goals or had no goals at all, think that you will never reach yours so they constantly put you down, or give you reasons why you won’t accomplish your goals. You will invariably have situations that will present themselves to challenge you and try to make you give up. So you must know how valuable you are and what your trying to achieve is.

The Dangers of Not Protecting Yourself                                                                                                                           

When you allow anything and everything into your life, you open yourself up to all kinds of predators. Not protecting who you are to become will give access to these predators to steal or kill your dreams. You will never be the person that you were truly meant to be.   You will never live the full potential of your life when you fail to protect who is in your space.

There has been numerous amounts of stories of people who started off with a desire to become something great but along their path they allowed bad company to entangle their thoughts and soon their dreams were placed on the back burner. They allowed the wrong crowd to influence them and they became involved in things that did not foster their goals, and one day they found themselves in the same kind of trouble as the crowd that they were running with. So the dangers of not protecting yourself is very real.


Don’t Allow Dream Killers To Stop You

It is very true that there are dream killers and dream stealers. If you want something bad enough you have to let go of certain people who don’t support you. Or people who are negative or toxic. These kind of people don’t see anything for themselves so since misery loves company, they want to drag you down to their level. You have to watch the people you constantly surround yourself with.

Are the people that your constantly with like-minded people? Are they moving in the same direction that you want to go in? This is very important to be protective of your environment. Be protective of what you’re listening to because whenever you’re working towards something great you have to have constant positive energy to keep you going. To help you keep your eye on the prize.

Just because someone else doesn’t believe in your dream doesn’t mean it’s not for you. “Never judge your clarity of what you believe for yourself based on other peoples opinions. Many times you must shut down all the noise. There will always be people that don’t believe in you, and you may not believe in yourself. But in order for you to live your best life you must set some clear goals, and then become relentless in achieving them.

You may have eyesight but do you have vision? You have to have the vision, believe in the vision and set out to achieve the vision in spite of dream killers.

Live your best life despite what others may say.

You Do Matter

Remember, your dreams and your purpose  are very important. You have to protect your mind to protect your purpose  and dreams. It will mean so much for you to push past every negative thing that you may be confronted with to see something greater that your now.

You can only lose if you quit. So get back up when you’re  hardest hit. Keep seeing something bigger and know that you do matter and what you’re meant to achieve is very important.

If you have something very Valuable you take extra care to keep it from being taken. So in the same way you should take care of yourself as a person not to allow anything to take from you what your truly meant to achieve and become.

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